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DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. in Danbury, is the premier supplier of instrumentation & control systems for critical applications on U.S. Navy ships, and leaders in shipboard hydraulic to electric actuation conversion solutions, which reduce construction and lifecycle costs. DRS Consolidated Controls is a trusted partner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission certified safety, and non-safety, analog and digital distributed controls systems for U.S. and international nuclear power plants. 

Environmental Management

DRS Consolidated Controls, Inc. is dedicated to demonstrating the highest standard of environmental management. We are committed to act in the interest of our stakeholders and community by conserving resources, pollution prevention and compliance with regulatory requirements and internal practices. Executive Management strives for environmental excellence by setting and reviewing objectives and targets that continually improve the environmental management system.


Policy Summary : The 3 C’s
 - Conservation of resources and pollution prevention
 - Continual improvement
 - Compliance with laws and practices

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