Transitioning from the military


Some of our most valued employees transferred directly from the military. In fact, many members of our leadership team proudly served in the military. Their knowledge and experience have helped to shape DRS into one of the leading defense contractors in the world. If you have served your country and are ready to discover a new way to serve, join our team today.

Stories of our own

I operated and worked on DRS products during my entire 22 years of service onboard both submarine and surface combat ships. As a former nuclear-trained electrician in the Navy, I understood the importance of maintaining superior engineering readiness and the role that DRS’ products played in achieving this goal. I am excited to be on this side of the table, so to speak, providing the products, services and training to the men and women who will come to appreciate our equipment just like I did when I was the customer. —Brian C.

Benefits with integrity

Many employees share your military heritage. Find out how DRS supports them.

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